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Advantages of Aluminum Profile Chassis

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Control mode of gas-liquid supercharger cylinder:
Manual control (debugging)
Place the workpiece on the lower die, open the valve 1, let the valve intake, then the supercharger cylinder punch will quickly approach the workpiece. Then open the valve 2, let the valve intake, then stamping workpiece can be formed. When returning, first pull valve 2, then pull valve 1, the booster cylinder punch will return quickly. This scheme uses fewer components and costs less in pure pneumatic operation. In order to improve the production efficiency of enterprises in automation production, manual reversing valve is replaced by pedal switch.
The pneumatic control system of the external control circuit can be applied to the supercharger cylinder. The workpiece is placed on the lower die and the valve moves 1 to make the valve 1 intake. At this time, the punch approaches the workpiece quickly. After the punch contacts the workpiece, the pressure in the pneumatic-hydraulic supercharger cylinder rises and the pressure switch acts to make the valve 2 move, the valve 2 intake and the supercharger punch press. Workpiece forming. After 5 seconds delay, valve 1 and valve 2 operate separately to make valve 2 intake and punch return quickly.
The scheme needs to be equipped with an electronic control cabinet, and can also cooperate with the loading and unloading parts of the manipulator to realize the automation of the production line. Compared with the pure manual system, the cost is higher, but the degree of automation is relatively high, and the operation is also safe. Therefore, this scheme is widely used in high automation requirements. The automatic selection of gas-liquid supercharger cylinder is included.
The supercharger cylinder is a hydraulic component which can transform the input pressure to output at a higher pressure. The supercharger cylinder is a combination of an oil cylinder and a supercharger.
Use the ratio of the size of the supercharger to the area of the compressed section, because the pressure is constant when the area is compressed.
Principle of Pneumatic-Hydraulic Supercharging Cylinder
Principle of Pneumatic-Hydraulic Supercharging Cylinder
From big to small, the pressure will also vary with the size of the principle, so as to achieve the pressure effect of increasing the pressure pressure to tens of times. Take the pre-pressurized cylinder as an example: when the working pressure is on the surface of the hydraulic oil (or piston), the hydraulic oil will compress the air and flow to the pre-pressurized travel chamber, and then the hydraulic oil will speed up. When the working displacement meets resistance greater than the pressure, the cylinder stops to move. At this time, the booster chamber of the booster cylinder starts to boost because of the action of electric signal (or pneumatic signal), so as to achieve the purpose of forming the product. Structures and Advantages of Pneumatic-Hydraulic Supercharging Cylinder System - The high output of the hydraulic cylinder can be achieved by using general air pressure without requiring hydraulic units. Its structure is cylinder+cylinder+air oil transfer cylinder.