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Pneumatic-hydraulic supercharger cylinder

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Taicang Cylinder Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and innovative enterprise focusing on research, development, production and sales of servo electric cylinders and pneumatic and hydraulic booster cylinders. It is located in Taicang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, and is more than Shanghai, an international metropolis. Since its inception, has been committed to servo electric cylinder, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder as the driving force and displacement process control unit integrated solution.
Our products are mainly high precision, compact structure, high response, low noise, smooth operation of servo electric cylinder system, its output force from 2,000 N to 500,000 N of nine series. The maximum speed can reach 500 mm/s. Servo electric cylinder is a new kind of Mechatronics product. It has excellent process controllability, stability, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, low maintenance cost and other characteristics. It has been favored and applied by more and more research institutes and enterprises, and has gradually replaced part of the development trend of hydraulic servo products.
Pneumatic-hydraulic booster cylinder is a kind of pneumatic-oil integrated cylinder that can output more power. Its drive does not need the support of a separate hydraulic station. It only needs compressed air to work at 6 or 10 atmospheric pressures. The driving device has various specifications ranging from 1 ton force to 100 tons force.
During its growth, the company continuously absorbs advanced technology and products at home and abroad, chooses high-quality motor, high-quality bearing, lead screw guide, steel and other materials, has specialized production equipment, advanced numerical control processing equipment, first-class testing means, and has senior engineers, advanced 2D, 3D design software, etc. It ensures the accuracy of technical parameters and the reliability of application. We strictly implement product quality control in production and achieve 100% qualified rate. We can provide customers with simple operation, excellent efficiency, stable performance, reasonable price servo electric cylinder and pneumatic-hydraulic booster cylinder.
The company is in line with the enterprise concept of being responsible for customers, employees, adhering to common development, aggressive and pursuing excellence, to create a dedicated service, efficient, dynamic and experienced team.