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Introduction of Electric Control Function of Electric Cylinder

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1. The outer part of the electric cylinder control box includes touch screen and electric control button. The button includes emergency stop, power on and power off.
2. Touch screen can display the absolute coordinate value of electric cylinder propulsion in real time (delay 1s), and has zero setting option.
3. The motor torque can be displayed in real time, and the push rod thrust can be displayed in real time (1 s delay). The maximum protection value of push rod thrust can be preset by pre-inputting calculation formula in the program without additional sensors.
4. Telescopic speed of electric cylinder: Real-time display (1 s delay) and adjustable input value; Maximum protection value of speed can be preset.
5. Displacement of electric cylinder: Real-time display (1 s delay) and input the specified value to work within the predetermined displacement; with step-by-step displacement settings: 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 5 mm four-step displacement selection, the four-step speed of electric cylinder is 0.1 mm/s (or 0.2 mm/s); the maximum displacement protection value can be set.
6. Some control functions on the touch screen can also be done on the control cabinet by the form of buttons.