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How to Connect the Pneumatic Circuit of the Pneumatic-Hydraulic Supercharging Cylinder

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ow with the development of automation technology, more and more factories need to use supercharged cylinders. When many factories buy supercharged cylinders and go back to use them, they will encounter many problems in connecting the air passage. Connection errors will lead to abnormal operation of supercharged cylinders and serious damage to supercharged cylinders. So today I represent them. Taicang Cylinder Technology Co., Ltd. will explain the connection method of supercharger cylinder.
First of all, before we buy a new supercharger cylinder, we need to prepare a very important part is solenoid valve, which is used to control the direction of the supercharger cylinder air source, flow, speed and other parameters of the automatic basic components. (Usually when the user purchases the supercharger cylinder, they will choose it.)
Taicang Hi-Linda Drive Technology Co., Ltd. offers you two ways to connect free of charge.
1. Standard gas connection method.
2. Recommend gas connection method.